Justin Azoff

Hi! Random things are here :-)

Playing with blogofile

Nice page titles

The first thing I wanted to do was fix the page titles. Blog posts should automatically have their page title set. This was a trivial change to head.mako:

+    BB.Net
+%if post and post.title:
+- ${post.title}

Easy blogging

The second thing I needed to do was write a script for easily adding a new post. newblog.py was the result:

justin@eee:~/projects/bbdotnet$ ./newblog.py
Title: Playing with blogofile
cats: tech,python,blogofile

This drops me into a vim session with the following contents

all I have to do when I’m done is ‘git commit’


Finally, I wrote a stupid simple Makefile, that way I can just kick off a :make inside of vim.

all: build

    blogofile build